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The inaugural C&W Japan CIO (Chief Investment Officer) Conference was held in Tokyo on 21st April 2017.

The event, which focused on smart investment strategies in growing Next-Core markets, gave the roomful of 200 investors insights into the latest global trends and investment environment. C&W presented findings from The Investment Atlas 2017, its latest global Capital Markets White Paper.

In his keynote speech, David Hutchings, Head of European Investment Strategy, offered his perspectives on how to set course and position investments for the best chance of success, providing a comprehensive overview of the current sources and destinations of global capital flows.

Sigrid Zialcita, Managing Director of Research, APAC continued the discussion covering investment opportunities in Next-Core markets in the region, exploring emerging asset classes that are on the cusp of becoming key alternative investments in the global hunt to maximize yields.

The conference culminated with a panel discussion on Next-Core sectors. Hideaki Suzuki, Head of Japan Research, Japan moderated the discussion with fellow panelists Janice Stanton, Executive Managing Director, Global Capital Advisory, Kosuke Ogi, Executive Director, Capital Markets, Japan and Naoshi Ogikubo, General Manager from Mitsubishi Corporation. This highly interactive and insightful session focused specifically on data centers and student accommodation was well received by the audience.

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