• Manufacturing Risk Index 2017

    Occupier Reports

    Manufacturing Risk Index 2017

    The Manufacturing Risk Index 2017 highlights the many factors that manufacturing companies must consider when expanding their business or relocating existing operations. These complex variables present a series of risks and opportunities that differ from country to country and may also change from city to city.

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  • occupier survey cover

    Occupier Reports

    Occupier Strategy Drivers: Global Survey 2016

    Corporate real estate (CRE) leaders around the world are focused on strategies to attract and retain superior employees and help enhance their productivity. At the same time, they must continually find ways to reduce occupancy costs. The overriding challenge is to balance these two goals, which are often in opposition to one another. Read more

  • Asia Pacific Banking report 2016 - winds of change

    Capital Market Reports

    Asia Pacific Banking Report 2017

    The 2017 Asia Pacific Banking Report identifies a number of occupier and investment trends across Asia Pacific and assesses their likely impact on market conditions and investment performance in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BSFI) industry in 2017 and beyond. Read more

  • BPO

    Occupier Reports

    Business Process Outsourcing Location Index 2016

    Cushman & Wakefield’s comprehensive global report – Where in the World? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Shared Service Location Index – assesses factors likely to affect the successful operation of BPO functions around the world. The report ranks top outsourcing locations worldwide by assessing costs, risks and operating conditions. Read more

  • Main Streets Across the World 2016/2017

    Real Estate Market Reports

    Main Streets Across the World 2016/2017

    The annual Main Streets Across the World 2016/2017 report tracks 462 of the top retail streets around the globe, ranking them by their prime rental value utilising Cushman & Wakefield’s proprietary data. Read more

  • Winning in Growth Cities 2016/2017

    Capital Market Reports

    Winning in Growth Cities 2016/2017

    The 6th edition of the global flagship Winning in Growth Cities report, launched at Expo Real 2016, is an annual survey of global commercial real estate investment activity which lists the cities most successful at attracting capital.  Read more

  • Oil and Gas Thumbnail

    Occupier Reports

    Oil and Gas Report

    Cushman & Wakefield Research's global report “Oil: the Commodity We Love to Hate” assesses the impact of lower oil prices on the world’s major energy cities and provides insights into office fundamentals going forward.  Read more

  • Occupier Edge - Cushman & Wakefield's global magazine

    Occupier Reports

    The Occupier Edge - Autumn 2016

    The Occupier Edge is a bi-annual publication.This edition features articles on high-tech drones, keeping your employees safe against a terrorist threat, the globalization of e-commerce and its influence on real estate, the rise of solopreneurs, co-working and fintech. Read more

  • Digital Disruption in the Workplace Report

    Topical Reports

    Digital Disruption in the Workplace 2016

    When you hear “digital” most people think about Google, Facebook or other technology companies, but now all companies across multiple sectors are transforming into a digital company. Read more

  • Life Sciences 2016

    Occupier Reports

    Life Sciences 2016

    The life sciences sector remains in a state of transition, ever evolving and innovative. The way forward for the sector is clear: stakeholders must look for ways to decrease costs, given the consensus that the current upward trajectory is unsustainable.

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  • Oil and gas

    Occupier Reports

    Global Oil and Gas Cities Update

    With oil prices remaining under pressure real estate costs will continue to be the focus of attention for the foreseeable future and will have a subsequent knock-on effect on the real estate market. Read more

  • The Great Wall of Money 2016

    Capital Market Reports

    Great Wall of Money 2016

    The Great Wall of Money has been tracking the amount of newly raised capital targeting commercial real estate globally since the onset of the financial crisis. The report monitors capital available predominantly from funds, listed companies and institutions and explores the geographies and asset types it targets. With investors from all regions now focused on deploying capital, how will the weight of money into CRE stand up throughout 2016?  Read more

  • Atlas Outlook 2016

    Capital Market Reports

    Atlas Outlook 2016

    The Atlas Outlook provides an overview of the global real estate investment market in 2015 and, more particularly, what’s in store for 2016.  Read more

  • Asia Pacific Office Overview Q4 2015

    Occupier Reports

    Asia Pacific Office Overview - Q4 2015

    Cushman & Wakefield Asia Pacific, APAC Office Overview, Asia Pacific Property Rankings, Occupiers, Q4 2015, Key real estate themes 2015. Read more

  • Lease Accounting Changes: CRE To Take Centre Stage

    Occupier Reports

    Lease Accounting Changes: CRE To Take Centre Stage

    In January 2016, the IASB released a new lease accounting standard, IFRS 16. This is expected to be closely followed by the publication of a new standard from the FASB, governing body responsible for US GAAP.  Cushman & Wakefield’s latest release summarises the key changes to lease accounting, provides a high level guide to its application and details the key impacts and considerations for CRE professionals.  

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  • Structural changes continue to impacting global banking

    Occupier Reports

    Banking & Finance Sector Briefing

    Despite an environment that continues to present material challenges such as restricted returns, changing regulatory environments and rising competition from a new breed of competitors; the Banking and Financial sectors continue to undergo significant rearrangement as they re-position themselves for growth. Read more

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